Rules, Regulations and Suggestions:

Match Rules:

·      Shooters and observers must attend the safety meeting and agree to sign a no-fault waiver of liability.

·      The Rifle Ranch is a cold range.  No loaded firearms will be allowed off the firing line at any time.

·      Maintain muzzle control at all times.  Rifles will be slung muzzle up or down. ALL magazines (even empty ones) must be
    removed from your rifle.  Your muzzle will NOT cover any part of your body or anyone else’s body.

·      A negligent discharge (ND) of a firearm will result in immediate removal from the competition.  The stage RO may call an ND 
    using his own judgment. Example: If the competitor was clearly not engaging a target.

·      No person shall consume or be under the influence of alcohol or drugs during the match.  Any person found to be impaired and
    unsafe as a result of legitimate prescription drugs may be directed to stop shooting and requested to leave the range.

·      ROs will be reasonable and fair.  Any questioning of an ROs call must be taken up with one of the two match directors and will
    only be addressed if the competitor presents in a calm and collected manner.

·      This is an individual effort match. Therefore, there will be no coaching of a shooter while the shooter is executing the course of

·      No bolts will be closed (semi-auto, safety deselected) until the target is visible through the scope and ready to be engaged. The
    competitor will be given one “BOLT” warning during a given COF.  On the second “BOLT” warning during the COF, the 
    competitor will be asked to stop shooting and will receive no points for that stage.

·      Unsportsmanlike conduct will not be tolerated. Violators of this rule will be asked to leave the range immediately.

·      Re-Shoots: If there is a stoppage during a course of fire, the competitor will pick up from the point where he or she left off, 
    while keeping all the hits and misses up to that point.

Minimum Equipment:

Firearms will be limited to a maximum .30 caliber, 3150 feet per second, manual bolt action or semi-automatic precision rifles.  Bullet weight will be limited to 180 grains or less.  No steel core, FMJ or AP rounds allowed. We will make exceptions for those shooting duty gear. No pistols. 

Hearing protection will be required, eye protection is highly suggested. Knee pads and elbow protection will come in handy.

A course of fire booklet will be given to each competitor on Friday evening. It will provide room for note taking.  You may want to provide your own write-in-rain notepad just in case. 

You will be walking about the range in a “hands free mode”.   Therefore you will be required to have a pack for your gear and a sling for your rifle.  On some COF’s, you may be required to transition through the event while carrying ALL of your equipment.  Keep that in mind before toting a Yeti cooler with you. There is no need to bring with you shooting sticks, extended bi-pods, tripods, golf clubs, tree limbs, etc. They will not be allowed in the competition. 

You will be allowed to switch out rifles or optics in the event of failure.  Switching of rifles mid-match to gain advantage on a given COF will not be allowed.

Muzzle brakes are allowed.  We will attempt to squad suppressors and non-brake guns together.


Most of the match will be scored one point for one hit on a steel target. There will be some instances where more points are allowed per hit such as on a KYL or a CHOICE course of fire. There will be some bonus points issued for successfully engaging all of the targets in a given COF.  There may be a paper event or two as well. Steel targets will be 250 to 1200 yards. We will be using reactive steel targets, as well as electronic flashers and scoring systems to aid the ROs in calling hits. RO’s calls are final.

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