FAQ-Frequently asked Questions:

Q. Is this a physically demanding competition?

A. There will be some physical challenges and obstacles that competitors must over-come.  Have good footwear and be prepared to move with rifle and gear.  You will be required to move about the range in a “hands free” mode. From Alpha to Echo range the walking distance is about a 1/2 mile. Pack wisely.

Q. What is the round count?

A.  No more than 200.  Bring at least 225 for sight in rounds, sponsor side match, and possible tiebreaker shoot off.

Q. What distances will be shot?

A.  Out to 1200 yards.

Q. Are laser range finders allowed?

A. There is no reason to pack one. When needed, they will be provided.

Q. Is there a limit on rifle caliber and bullet weight? 

A. Yes, 30 cal maximum only.  All calibers are limited to 3150 FPS.  RO may verify this at any time by chronograph.  No steel core, FMJ or AP rounds allowed.  Bullets are limited to a maximum 180gr. 

Q. What if to ROs can’t spot my Red Ryder BB gun hits at 1200 yards?

A. You are SOL, and don’t you dare argue about it!

Q. Is there a magazine limit? 

A. No, but certain COFs may have load restrictions or mandatory reloads.  You will however, be very unhappy if you don’t have 10 round magazines.

Q. Are muzzle brakes or suppressors allowed? 

A. Yes, we will attempt to squad suppressors together along with non-brake guns.

Q. Is food provided?

A. Lunch will be provided each day as well as a dinner Saturday evening.

Q. Can you switch rifles during the match? 

A. Yes.  If your rifle and or optics goes down you will be able to change out to a backup system. The intent of this rule is to allow a competitor to continue shooting the match.  It is not in place for competitors to switch rifles and calibers that best function on a given stage. We will attempt to have a backup gun in place shooting 6.5CM with factory ammo.

Q. Can I get a refund if I cancel?

A.  No refunds after sign up,  and you will not be able to sell your spot.  We will fill entry spots from the waiting list. 

Q. Will there be liquids provided?

A. Yes, we will provide bottled water.

Q. Is there shade out there? 

A. There is cover in some areas and not in others. Be prepared to spend some time in the sun or rain, sleet, snow ice etc.

Q. Will there be restrooms available on the ranges?

A. Yes, we will have porta-potties in our staging area and near the Delta Range.  There are flush toilets by the barn.

Q. Are we allowed to swim during happy hour or after the Saturday dinner? 

A. Yes, but bring a swimsuit and a towel.  No SPEEDOS and no nudity unless you want your picture to be posted on the internet.

Q. Is there an emergency contact number?

A. Yes, you can call Kevin Elpers @ 812-760-2998. I will have my phone on and available before and during the match.  Also, you can reach me at this number should something come up or you get lost!

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